Are You Hearing the World In HD? Free Hearing Evaluation + $25 Walgreens Gift Card

The world broadcasts sound in high definition — but are you hearing it that way? Find out with a free hearing evaluation from HearUSA, and get a $25 Walgreens gift card for your time!

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Rosin Eyecare & HearUSA
Are Partnering for You

Your hearing is just as important as your vision, and when your eyes or ears aren’t working to the best of their ability, it makes it harder to get chores done, socialize, or live in the present. That’s why Rosin Eyecare has partnered with HearUSA, who is providing free hearing evaluations so that you never miss out on life’s important moments.

Haven’t Had Your Hearing
Checked in a While?
Here’s Why You Should

Just like with vision loss, hearing loss is often gradual and hard to notice — in fact, 80% of people over 50 years old have hearing loss, and many don’t even know it!

But hearing loss affects people of all ages: could you be missing more than you think you are? A hearing evaluation can determine if you need help to hear the birds singing or your loved ones speaking. Our modern, discreet hearing aids can help you achieve that clarity without getting in your way.

Symptoms of Hearing Loss

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, you could gain a lot from a hearing evaluation:

  1. Trouble making out what people are saying
  2. Difficulty hearing in crowds
  3. Needing people to repeat themselves
  4. Feeling tired after listening to others
  5. Slow responses to audio cues
  6. Earaches, ringing in ears, or vertigo

Haven’t Had Hearing Aids Are Better Than Ever

Hearing aids have a bad reputation for being bulky and making you “look old” — but in reality, they haven’t been like the old models for a long time. Today’s hearing aids aren’t just more effective than ever, they’re also smaller, lighter, and disappear on your ear. They can even make it easier to take phone calls or watch TV with Bluetooth capabilities! Let the team at HearUSA show you what state-of-the-art hearing aids can do for you: we promise you won’t be disappointed.

What Should I Expect from A Hearing Evaluation?

Hearing evaluations at HearUSA are as quick as they are painless: you’ll get precise results, and personalized advice, fast and completely for free. And don’t forget the bonus $25 Walgreens gift card, delivered to your home within 2-3 weeks of your visit!

We’re happy to say that hearing loss doesn’t have to mean drastic changes to your life. Even if the team at HearUSA recommends hearing aids, the latest models are so discreet that most people won’t notice when you’re wearing them — and the only thing you’ll notice is how much more clearly you can hear!

Your Hearing Is Important:
Make Sure It’s at Its Best

You deserve to hear in high definition, and HearUSA can make that easy to achieve with a free evaluation. Don’t make yourself wait any longer: fill out this form to begin your journey to clearer hearing — and secure your $25 gift card for Walgreens!