Rosin Eyecare has been correcting generations of Chicagoans’ vision for over 90 years, and in that time, we’ve only expanded our services and improved our expertise. With over 40 convenient locations throughout the Chicagoland area, you can get started on your journey to improved eyesight from just about anywhere with an experienced and compassionate staff by your side, working tirelessly to ensure that your LASIK experience is as easy and comfortable as possible.

What Is LASIK?

LASIK is one of world’s most sought-after vision correction surgeries. It’s used to correct large degrees of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism by gently reshaping the front outer part of the eye.

LASIK eye surgery is completely safe, virtually painless, and almost unbelievably quick — it can be completed in as little as 10 minutes per eye! With our advanced LASIK technology, we offer the most precise and customized surgeries you can find anywhere, and you’ll be back to living life with improved vision in about 24 hours after your procedure!

The Best LASIK Experience, Right Here in Chicago

The leading name in Chicago LASIK is ready to help you improve your vision — book a FREE consultation today!

Our LASIK Surgeon: Jonathan Rosin, M.D.

Our LASIK Surgeon:
Jonathan Rosin, M.D.

Dr. Jonathan Rosin is our expert LASIK eye surgeon and a pioneer of LASIK technology in Chicago. The 2016 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs thanked Dr. Rosin for his care, and countless other Chicagoans owe their improved vision and quality of life to the Rosin team. Dr. Rosin will take the time to understand your specific needs and provide you the best possible vision correction!

Our State-of-the-Art
LASIK Vision Center

We’re proud to use the Alcon WaveLight® Refractive Suite, which allows for ultraprecise, completely customizable LASIK surgeries. This all-laser, Wavefront Optimized® system allows us to carefully map your eye, plan your procedure, and make an already safe process safer than ever!

Our surgery center in Niles is where we’ll perform the procedure, and our detail-oriented staff will ensure that your comfort is accounted for every step of the way. At Rosin Eyecare, we’re in the business of helping you see better — whether you prefer glasses, contacts, or LASIK, we never want you to be limited by a lack of options!

Our State-of-the-Art<br />
LASIK Vision Center
Rosin Eyecare Map

Our Convenient
Consultation Locations

We make finding out if LASIK is right for you as simple as possible, providing FREE, no-obligation consultations at all of our 40+ locations around the Chicagoland area. In a consultation, we examine your eye health, discuss your goals, answer all your questions, and determine whether LASIK will be a fit for your needs.

If you choose to move forward with LASIK, the majority of your pre- and post-operative will be handled at your nearest Rosin location, making clear vision as convenient as possible for you.

Affordable LASIK Cost & Financing

Affordable LASIK Cost & Financing

We offer competitive pricing with a variety of payment options including cash and credit cards, in addition to CareCredit®: a low-payment financing option with no upfront costs. We can also help you use your FSA or HSA benefits, and to ensure that your needs are met both now and in the future, we offer a Lifetime Guarantee!

LASIK Candidacy

LASIK Candidacy

Finding out if LASIK is right for you is simple — take our quick and easy LASIK Self-Test! In most cases, you just need to be above a certain age with a stable vision prescription to start the process. We’ll explain everything you need to know during your free consultation and help you decide if LASIK can provide the results you’re looking for.

Lasting Vision Correction From a Name You Know

Schedule a FREE LASIK consultation at the Rosin Eyecare location nearest you to start your journey to better vision:

See How LASIK Changes Lives

“Great experience doing LASIK with Dr. Rosin!! The procedure was quick, he was very helpful and patient and all of the doctors working at Rosin Eyecare have been great. I can see perfectly after the procedure. I am so grateful!!”

J. W. talks about their experience with LASIK with Rosin LASIK of Chicago.

John F.

I received LASIK surgery from Dr. Rosin. Everyone was very helpful and communicative before, during, and after the procedure. Now I am enjoying 20/15 vision and no complications whatsoever from the operation. I would highly recommend Rosin Eyecare to anyone for their vision needs.

Warren leaves a review about Rosin LASIK.

Warren W.

The service at Rosin Eyecare is excellent. I had LASIK a year ago and couldn’t be happier with my results. The Doctor and staff walked me through the whole process and were very patient with me when it came to all my questions and concerns.

Sally K. tells us her experience at Rosin LASIK.

Sally K.

I have been going to Rosin Eyecare for several years. I have always been treated with respect and kindness. All exams are done completely and with great detail. I recommend Rosin Eyecare to anyone looking for eye care.

Kathy B. shares her thoughts on Rosin LASIK in Chicago, IL.

Kathy B.

The staff is super friendly and so helpful when trying to arrange visits. They also follow up frequently to make sure you are properly reminded for your appointments, especially if you are getting LASIK. Overall, HIGHLY recommend.

Jorge P. gives testimonial at Rosin LASIK.

Jorge P.

Anyone and everyone is willing to help. Walked in for regular eye exam, ended up having LASIK a few weeks later and I am now glasses/contacts free with 20:15 vision. Thanks so much to Dr. Rosin and his wonderful team!

Oliver U. recommends Rosin LASIK in Chicago, IL.

Oliver U.

I had a great experience here. The doctors did an excellent job explaining the procedure and answering all my questions about the surgery.

Douglas provides a great testimonial for Rosin LASIK.

Douglas L.

Dr. Rosin was very patient and caring during the procedure. The Rosin Eyecare family truly cares about your eyes health. I had a wonderful experience. Highly recommend Rosin.

Alison M. at Rosin LASIK.

Alison M.

My experience has been outstanding!!! My doctors are professional, poised and customer oriented, giving me the best care for my eyes!!!

Gerry S. tells us to get Rosin LASIK in Chicago, IL.

Gerry S.