At Rosin Eyecare, we want as many of our patients as possible to have access to the life-changing vision correction offered by our LASIK eye surgery. That’s why we offer a variety of affordable financing plans and options for every budget. Read on to learn more, and if you still have any questions, please call us at (866) 223-1884 and we’d be happy to assist you.

The Cost of LASIK & What It Covers

LASIK costs can vary depending on the patient’s vision prescription, eye health, and potential insurance coverage. This cost includes follow-up visits and ongoing care for the first six months following surgery. Many insurance plans don’t cover LASIK, as it’s considered an “elective” procedure and not medically necessary, but some will cover a portion of LASIK eye surgery.

The best way to determine the cost of your LASIK surgery, and whether your insurance will help, is through a FREE LASIK consultation with us at Rosin Eyecare. Our knowledgeable LASIK counselors will discuss all the possible options with you and help you select the best course of action.

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Peace of Mind with our LASIK Lifetime Plan

Peace of Mind with our LASIK Lifetime Plan

Dr. Rosin is proud to provide free touch-ups for all his patients in the event that they haven’t achieved 20/20 vision during the first year after surgery. And for those seeking extra peace of mind beyond the first year, we proudly offer our LASIK Lifetime Plan: no-charge touch-ups whenever needed, as long as the patient gets a yearly eye exam. Protect your LASIK investment with this worry-free option!

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Financing Your LASIK Procedure

LASIK is an investment that Rosin Eyecare strives to make as affordable as possible. Even though private insurance may not cover LASIK surgery completely, it often helps, and our billing team is happy to help you determine what savings you may claim.

We proudly partner with CareCredit® for financing vision correction surgery, with options for $0 down, interest-free financing for two years, and low monthly payments. Find out more information about financing during a LASIK consultation.

Paying for LASIK Surgery with an HSA or FSA

Rosin Eyecare is happy to accept pre-tax payment via health savings accounts (HSA) or flex spending accounts (FSA). Many of these funds disappear when unspent, making LASIK a perfect way to use them.

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Patients Love LASIK from Rosin Eyecare

“Great experience doing LASIK with Dr. Rosin!! The procedure was quick, he was very helpful and patient and all of the doctors working at Rosin Eyecare have been great. I can see perfectly after the procedure. I am so grateful!!”

J. W. talks about their experience with LASIK with Rosin LASIK of Chicago.

John F.

I received LASIK surgery from Dr. Rosin. Everyone was very helpful and communicative before, during, and after the procedure. Now I am enjoying 20/15 vision and no complications whatsoever from the operation. I would highly recommend Rosin Eyecare to anyone for their vision needs.

Warren leaves a review about Rosin LASIK.

Warren W.

The service at Rosin Eyecare is excellent. I had LASIK a year ago and couldn’t be happier with my results. The Doctor and staff walked me through the whole process and were very patient with me when it came to all my questions and concerns.

Sally K. tells us her experience at Rosin LASIK.

Sally K.

I have been going to Rosin Eyecare for several years. I have always been treated with respect and kindness. All exams are done completely and with great detail. I recommend Rosin Eyecare to anyone looking for eye care.

Kathy B. shares her thoughts on Rosin LASIK in Chicago, IL.

Kathy B.

The staff is super friendly and so helpful when trying to arrange visits. They also follow up frequently to make sure you are properly reminded for your appointments, especially if you are getting LASIK. Overall, HIGHLY recommend.

Jorge P. gives testimonial at Rosin LASIK.

Jorge P.

Anyone and everyone is willing to help. Walked in for regular eye exam, ended up having LASIK a few weeks later and I am now glasses/contacts free with 20:15 vision. Thanks so much to Dr. Rosin and his wonderful team!

Oliver U. recommends Rosin LASIK in Chicago, IL.

Oliver U.

I had a great experience here. The doctors did an excellent job explaining the procedure and answering all my questions about the surgery.

Douglas provides a great testimonial for Rosin LASIK.

Douglas L.

Dr. Rosin was very patient and caring during the procedure. The Rosin Eyecare family truly cares about your eyes health. I had a wonderful experience. Highly recommend Rosin.

Alison M. at Rosin LASIK.

Alison M.

My experience has been outstanding!!! My doctors are professional, poised and customer oriented, giving me the best care for my eyes!!!

Gerry S. tells us to get Rosin LASIK in Chicago, IL.

Gerry S.