Myopia Therapy
in Chicago, IL

Don’t Let Your Child’s Nearsightedness
Harm Their Future

At Rosin Eyecare, we put your child first by treating their nearsightedness and slowing its progression over time — with our comfortable, at-home myopia therapy options.

How Our Myopia Management Program Has Helped Children See Better

Preventing Myopia Development at Rosin Eyecare in Chicago

Myopia Affects Your Child’s Development

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a problem with the eye’s shape that affects your ability to focus on faraway things. It has become more common in kids in recent years due to students spending less time outdoors and more time looking at screens.

Myopia can harm your child’s development by making it difficult for them to follow along in school, play sports, and socialize. Their grades can suffer, and they may be less willing to participate in activities as a result.

Start Myopia Therapy Today for a Clearer, Brighter Tomorrow

Your child’s path to clarity starts at Rosin Eyecare

How Rosin Eyecare Treat Myopia in Chicago

Can Glasses Fix Myopia?

While glasses can correct their vision, they won’t address the root issue of the condition. And if left untreated, myopia will not only lead to more frequent prescription updates, but also a higher risk of eye disease as they get older.

However, thanks to the new advancements we’ve embraced, we have easy, comfortable solutions to slow myopia’s progression and prevent any lasting damage it can cause.

Myopia Therapy at Rosin Eyecare in Chicago

Myopia Therapy: Benefits
Now and Into the Future

Without proper treatment, your child’s myopia will significantly worsen over time. Myopia therapy is a relatively new form of treatment, but it’s proved to be effective in slowing the progress of myopia in children — mitigating the harm it can cause and improving their vision and quality of life.

Our doctors develop a personalized approach to treating your child’s myopia, comprised of one or a combination of these solutions:

Ortho-k Lenses (Corneal Reshaping) – These painlessly mold the front of the eye (cornea) as your child sleeps, protecting its shape into the future and providing clear eyesight the next day.

Multifocal Contact Lenses – Using these soft lenses throughout the day prevents much of the eye strain that accelerates nearsightedness.

Atropine Drops – A low dose prescription eye drop that can reduces “focusing fatigue” linked to myopic progression.

Learn More about Myopia Therapy with a Free Consultation

Just a few minutes of your time could mean a lifetime of better eyesight for your child.

Why Choose Myopia Therapy?

Child See Clearly in Class after Myopia Treatment in Chicago

Bring Their Academic Future into Focus

Struggling to see clearly in class can prevent your child from learning at the same rate as their peers, which may lead to them losing interest and confidence in their academics. And you can’t beat the simplicity of seeing clearly with your own eyes without relying on glasses!

Myopia Therapy for Children at Rosin Eyecare in Chicago

Peak Performance for Sports

Children who can’t keep their eyes on the ball or see well enough to coordinate with other players can lose their passion to stay active and participate in team sports, or potentially hurt themselves if they can’t see clearly. Meanwhile, myopia therapy may eliminate the need for daytime eyewear, meaning no easy-to-break glasses.

Quality Eyesight after Myopia Treatment at Rosin Eyecare in Chicago

Comfortable, Stress-Free, Clear Vision

Keeping your child’s eyes healthy and comfortable with their constantly changing prescriptions can be an ongoing issue that adds onto the mental stress of worrying about your child’s vision. Our innovative, painless solutions make it easier than ever to secure your child’s eyesight and quality of life for years to come.

Myopia Therapy is a Free Consultation Away

Your child’s myopia isn’t’ waiting around: why should you? Start myopia therapy today!

Myopia Therapy at Rosin Eyecare in Chicago

What Does Myopia Therapy
Look Like at Rosin Eyecare?

  • Exam: Our optometrists, who specialize in myopia therapy, evaluate whether your child can benefit from this treatment and start personalizing their therapy.
  • Setup: We’ll walk you and your child through their therapy, such as how to use lenses or apply drops, so you and your little one can feel confident in their next steps.
  • Next day: We’ll check in with your child to make sure all is well and that they’re comfortable adjusting to their treatment.
  • Follow-ups: Your child’s therapy will include as many follow up visits as necessary to monitor progress and make adjustments.
  • Long-term: We continue to monitor your child’s progress annually to tweak their therapy and provide a new supply of lenses, drops, and anything else they need.

Get a Free Consultation

Nearsightedness doesn’t have to get in the way of your child’s social, physical, or academic growth, and it doesn’t have to hold them back in life. If you’re interested in myopia therapy, see us for a zero-risk, free myopia therapy consultation!

Start Myopia Therapy Today for A Clearer, Brighter Tomorrow!


June Dennis
June Dennis
July 14, 2024
I have been a patient at Rosin Eyecare on Michigan Avenue for many years. I went there a week ago for an eye exam, which I should have scheduled an appointment with the eye doctor having an issue with my eye. The staff at the front desk Roy and AJ were able talk to the doctor while I was there to see if she had any availability to see me at the last minute. I'm grateful that the doctor was available. I forgot my wallet with my insurance card, etc. Roy and AJ along with the Manager Shara searched their system to find my information, which I needed in order to see the doctor. They came through for me and found my insurance info. Thank you for all of your help!
Christopher Paris
Christopher Paris
July 9, 2024
Excited to be back in the city and back at Rosin Eyecare on Michigan Ave! I used to come to Rosin on Michigan Ave during my time in Chicago for years before my wife and I moved to the suburbs. Well, we are moving back within the next month and did my first "back to the MICH AVE" location for a medical visit and the staff was super helpful! Very nice and definitely top notch and helpful. And this was also my first time meeting with Dr. Jacqueline Rola, OD. She was unbelievably fantastic! Patient, knowledgeable, kind and extremely helpful. Can't wait to keep coming back!
stephanie adkins
stephanie adkins
April 17, 2024
I want to send hugs and kisses to Jorge and Lonnie ( Assistant manager). Great customer service is the key to a long-lasting business. They both were patient, honest, and caring. I left Rosin located on Michigan Avenue about 2 years ago because my measurements were off twice. I was tired of going back and forth. Recently, I went to the Hyde Park location for an eye exam, but the selection of frames was small. I decided to stop at the Michigan Avenue. The reception area greeted me with smiles. Lonnie helped me save money on my glasses. Please keep Lonnie and Jorge. If they leave, Rosin will lose this customer.💯😀🥰
Κώστας Μαργαρίτου
Κώστας Μαργαρίτου
November 3, 2023
Great team of professionals! Doctor Jacqueline Rola and the rest members of the staff gave me a wonderful experience. Many thanks to all of them.
McCabe ___
McCabe ___
September 11, 2023
I have been going to Rosin on Michigan for over a decade and they have been nothing but helpful and professional, with a sense of humor when I needed it most, the entire time I have enlisted them in the care of my eyesight.