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Rosin Eyecare believes the best sunglasses showcase your style, while protecting your eyes from the sun. Our dedicated opticians have built a reputation of helping Chicagoans find the best designer sunglasses and frames to guard their eyes and see Chicago both safely and in style.

Protect Your Eyes in Style

Sunglasses are about far more than just looking cool — they’re absolutely crucial for protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Even limited exposure to these UV rays can impact your vision and cause vision and eye damage, while extended or long-term exposure can cause serious eye health issues, including sunburn, macular degeneration, cataracts, retina damage, and cancer. Standing in the shade isn’t enough to safeguard your eyes, you need sunglasses with UV protection. Our team of eyewear experts are dedicated to helping you see clearly — and safely — whether you’re out on the water, driving, or just out and about enjoying everything Chicago has to offer!
Chicago’s Most Extensive Sunglasses Collection - Rosin Eyecare

Shop Chicago’s Most Extensive Sunglasses Collection

We have hundreds of designer sunglasses and frames at each one of our offices throughout Chicagoland. When you visit any of our locations, our dedicated opticians can help you choose sunglasses that fit you, based on your vision needs and lifestyle. We also offer exceptional prescription sunglasses, which include both progressive and single vision lenses — ask our team for more information about our incredible selection of eyewear during your next visit!

Our Sunglasses Frames Brands

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Customized Sunglasses with Specialty Lenses at Rosin Eyecare in Chicago

Customizing Your Sunglasses with Specialty Lenses

Rosin Eyecare has the experience necessary to customize your sunglasses to meet your unique vision and medical needs. We offer a range of choices and specialty lenses, so you always have the protection you need from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Our collection includes popular prescription options, like single vision lenses for improving your near or distance vision, and progressive lenses that are great for correcting vision both at a distance and for seeing things nearby. From sports sunglasses designed for extra durability to polarized lenses that are perfect for reducing glare, we have everything you need at every Rosin Eyecare office.

Why Choose Rosin Eyecare for Your Sunglasses?

Rosin Eyecare has remained a pillar in the Chicago communities we serve by always providing what patients need for clear vision, including sunglasses. Our opticians love matching frames for specific situations or just general wear, so you can love how you look while keeping your eyes safe. Stop by your neighborhood Rosin Eyecare today to browse our offerings and explore the other eye care services we have to offer!


June Dennis
June Dennis
July 14, 2024
I have been a patient at Rosin Eyecare on Michigan Avenue for many years. I went there a week ago for an eye exam, which I should have scheduled an appointment with the eye doctor having an issue with my eye. The staff at the front desk Roy and AJ were able talk to the doctor while I was there to see if she had any availability to see me at the last minute. I'm grateful that the doctor was available. I forgot my wallet with my insurance card, etc. Roy and AJ along with the Manager Shara searched their system to find my information, which I needed in order to see the doctor. They came through for me and found my insurance info. Thank you for all of your help!
Christopher Paris
Christopher Paris
July 9, 2024
Excited to be back in the city and back at Rosin Eyecare on Michigan Ave! I used to come to Rosin on Michigan Ave during my time in Chicago for years before my wife and I moved to the suburbs. Well, we are moving back within the next month and did my first "back to the MICH AVE" location for a medical visit and the staff was super helpful! Very nice and definitely top notch and helpful. And this was also my first time meeting with Dr. Jacqueline Rola, OD. She was unbelievably fantastic! Patient, knowledgeable, kind and extremely helpful. Can't wait to keep coming back!
stephanie adkins
stephanie adkins
April 17, 2024
I want to send hugs and kisses to Jorge and Lonnie ( Assistant manager). Great customer service is the key to a long-lasting business. They both were patient, honest, and caring. I left Rosin located on Michigan Avenue about 2 years ago because my measurements were off twice. I was tired of going back and forth. Recently, I went to the Hyde Park location for an eye exam, but the selection of frames was small. I decided to stop at the Michigan Avenue. The reception area greeted me with smiles. Lonnie helped me save money on my glasses. Please keep Lonnie and Jorge. If they leave, Rosin will lose this customer.💯😀🥰
Κώστας Μαργαρίτου
Κώστας Μαργαρίτου
November 3, 2023
Great team of professionals! Doctor Jacqueline Rola and the rest members of the staff gave me a wonderful experience. Many thanks to all of them.
McCabe ___
McCabe ___
September 11, 2023
I have been going to Rosin on Michigan for over a decade and they have been nothing but helpful and professional, with a sense of humor when I needed it most, the entire time I have enlisted them in the care of my eyesight.